September 24th, 2019

To the Parents of our 1-8th Grade Talmidim,

B”H Yeshiva is introducing many new initiatives and programs to benefit the talmidim this year. In conjunction with the programs, we will be ordering different workbooks and worksheets for various subjects and grades. These workbooks are set up in a clear and systematic way to enhance the curriculum by using creative approaches to foster proper understanding and retention of the material.

To cover the price for all these various workbooks, the Yeshiva is requesting $20.00 per talmid for the entire year. Please send it in with your son to Yeshiva tomorrow.

We look forward to broadening our talmidims yedious and having a successful school year.

Rabbi Pinchas Landynski

Yeshiva Ohr Shraga - Workbook fee

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