Lakewood Chavrusa Fund

When a Yeshiva is established, the tefillah of every menahel is to see his talmidim grasp and retain their learning on the highest level possible. However, when a child needs extra help to achieve this goal it can cause a tremendous financial strain on the family. Recognizing the need, Rabbi Yosef Chaim Simon, Menahel of Yeshiva Ohr Shraga, wanted to form a solution, to ensure that financial limitations don’t stand in the way of a talmid’s success.

The YOS Chavrusah Fund was established in 2021, with the mission of ensuring that every talmid is given any, and all assistance needed to reach his full potential. YOS has on staff a group of highly trained Chavrusahs to provide any talmid with the guidance needed to excel in his learning. Much thought is invested to pair the talmid with the most suitable Chavrusah and based on the parents’ financial ability the fund will cover the cost accordingly. For many talmidim, this tutoring marks the difference between failure and success.

By supporting this fund, the zchus of limud torah is compounded by giving young talmidim, who may otherwise “fall through the cracks”, the ability to achieve and succeed. Hashem should bench you with the means to continue giving and supporting Limud Torah. Your generous donation should bring shefa bracha to you and your family.

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