Ohr Shraga’lech on Coney

The preschool years are when the crucial building blocks are laid, the foundation upon which the child’s chinuch will be structured. Beyond just building the child skills, it’s important to instill a love and a passion for learning. As Ohr Shraga’s longtime certified Preschool Director, Mrs. Yitty Tillim, notes, “A child who loves to learn becomes a lifelong learner.”

The three underlying goals of the preschool program are to nurture a love of yiddishkeit, a love for learning and a healthy self-confidence. All programs and projects are geared toward achieving these goals. Learning is always a fun, positive, hands-on experience. Stories and Parsha are acted out by the children generating a love for Torah and yiddishkeit. Learning and skill building is done in small groups so that each child receives ample attention and recognition of their achievements. Recognition is the key to building self-esteem. With proper self-steem there’s no limit to what a child can accomplish.

Ohr Shraga'lech on Coney