Life Insurance Fund

The Rebbeim Life Insurance fund was established by parents of Mosdos Veretzky with the goal of providing security to the Rebbeim’s families. While the benefits we reap from our children’s Chinuch are priceless, Rebbeim live on a tight budget, and cannot always allow themselves the “luxury” to pay for a substantial life insurance policy. Yet, the responsible thing to do is to assist their families with the sense of security that a good policy provides.

*Ensuring that our Choshuva Rebbeim have respectable life insurance was a project that Mr. Yossi Yurowitz A’’H helped co-ordinate. His true Ahavas Yisroel was unsurpassed in his dedication to this cause. Your contribution towards this Rebbeim Life Insurance Fund will be Liliue Nishmaso, as a Zecher of his generous work as he was a beacon of inspiration for all who knew him.

Yeshiva Ohr Shraga

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