Mesivta Orchos Tzvi, Brooklyn

The warm and personal kesher that Veretzky talmidim share with the Rosh Hayeshiva, Harav Sholom Noach Landau, Shlit"a blossoms during the Mesivta years, where the Rosh Yeshiva serves as the father figure nurturing their growth and development. The Rosh Hayeshiva’s frequent presence in the Hamedrash infuses the ruach of hasmodah with a pulsating energy. In addition to the one-on-one channel of hashpa’ah, there are the monthly Rosh Chodesh Seudos and the Thursday Night Va’adim with the Rosh Hayeshiva, where the casual setting and congenial atmosphere provide a forum for candid discussion where bochurim can discuss real-world issues challenges facing bochurim today.

The Menahel, Rav Efraim Nussbaum, a distinguished talmid chochom and mechanech par excellence, presides over the Mesivta and has earned the Mesivta its unique position of distinction amongst today’s advanced Mesivta. Rabbi Nussbaum has formulated and perfected the Mesivta’s synthesis of the penetrating lomdus of the great yeshivos, along with the passionate devotion and warmth of yiddishkeit to develop within the talmidim true aspirations for achieving greatness.

The afternoon Seder is dedicated to the Mesechtos of Seder Moed, giving talmidim a broad knowledge of these fundamental areas of Shas. Night Seder is geared to finishing the mesechta with Chazorah and bechinos. Special Retzifus learning programs provide a strong impetus for goal-setting and hasmodah. But beyond just top-notch academics, Rebbeim nurture talmidim’s growth by conveying the geshmak in mastering a sugya. Special sedorim between older bochurim and younger bochurim help develop the older ones’ pedagogic strengths and provide role models for younger talmidim to aspire to. A focus on mastering pirush hamilos of davening helps elevate the modicum of Tefilah. Shiurim in Chovos Halevavos and shmuessen by visiting Roshei Yeshiva provide clear cut direction for achieving perfection in middos in the true mold of the ultimate ben Torah.

Mesivta Orchos Tzvi