Rabbi Pinchas Landynski, Menahel

A veteran mechanech and a renowned master of the field, the signature imprint of Rabbi Landynski’s chinuch is evident in virtually every single talmid of Veretzky who has graduated under his tenure. The cutting–edge Veretzky curriculum is a product of Rabbi Landynski’s indefatigable effort to create the optimum learning experience for young talmidim today. Rabbi Landynski’s persona infuses talmidim with an unquenchable thirst for learning and with aspiring ambitions for achieving greatness in Torah.

Never satisfied with past achievements, Rabbi Landynski is continuously in R&D mode, tweaking and optimizing the curriculum at each grade level, harnessing the very latest resources and developments and gearing them to overcome the dynamics and challenges of our times.

In addition to the big-picture role in setting the tone and direction of the Yeshiva’s chinuch, the Menahel develops and maintains a personal mentorship role with each and every talmid. This results in a personal and enduring relationship that carries on long after the boy graduates from the Yeshiva.